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The Daily Pic #016


Different to the ever grumbling Eamon Dunphy I have seen a good Irish performance today. Well, it was only Andorra, but to win against a small country isn't that easy (ask Scotland!). To top the comfortable 3-1 win and the first spot in the table was the first goal in the game: Kevin Kilbane scored his eighth goal for Ireland with a great header from a Liam Lawrence (aka still a Stoke City player) corner. But Kevin didn't only scored that goal, he also showed a well inspiring performance on the left hand side, gone forward if possible and needed. I was very impressed and hope the most of the ever negetive voices towards Kevin will now stop for a while!

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Before the game I haven't thought that there will be a worse game by Scotland then they showed against Lithuania. But I failed. This one against LIECHTENSTEIN (!!!) WAS worse. I haven't seen a team playing. Well I also haven't seen some players playing. It was static, very poor in terms of creating chances and you could almost smell the animosity between some certain people. I thought that James McFadden in the first half was the best player on the pitch, but Craig Levein took him off after 45 minutes. There did something happen in the changing room for sure. Maybe Faddy's answer on Levein's stupid comments about him in front of the press yesterday. Well, Faddy looked crumbling while sitting on the stands right in the beginning of the second half. And maybe he hasn't seen the Liechtenstein goal when it came in the 38th second of the second half, because Faddy was more focused on his mobile phone. Kenny Miller levelled the game in the 63rd minute but then the game fell flat, tiring flat (even flatter then the first half). And with the five minutes of stoppage time alread played I thought the game was finished, when Scotland got a very, very late corner in the 97th minute. Parts of one second after Barry Robson took it I couldn't believe that Stephen McManus really got this very, very vital goal, which really took Scotland on top of their group I.
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